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Your local neighborhood S.A.C.K.
Socially Awkward Cool Kid
So yeah, finally got off my butt and set up a proper blog.

find me at http://www.sixty4k.com

I'll keep this lj alive to keep tabs on all of youse peeps.

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Yeah, I don't really post here. I don't really post a lot of places really.

I have a twitter (two in fact), a facebook page, and a pile of unupdated and stale accounts at 1001 social media sites.

I used to blog pretty regularly, even before lj, but haven't in quite a while. I'm thinking to get back on the bloggy bandwagon, but will likely do it on one of my own sites. Will post linkage here once something kicks up.

By the time my birthday rolls around, there'll be a little girl who may leave me with even less interest in the interwebs.
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I'm playing those record things (or neat digital renditions thereof). oontz oontz mostly.

come out.

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Come and join the Ambient Mafia tomorrow night as we host the Chill Room at YNOT? We've got a great lineup for you, don't miss it!



Friday, March 13, 2009
8:00pm till 3:00AM

NIMBY Warehouse
8410 Amelia Street, Oakland Ca 94621

$10 Donation
21 & Over

Tuffy is going on a Great Adventure and to make sure she can get on the road we are throwing her a benefit at NIMBY www.nimbyspace.org March 13th is coming up fast so SAVE THE DATE. 2 music rooms and an outdoor fire spinning/ dancing/ hooping area.

BAM (Evil Breaks)
MOZAIC (Raindance)
ALIXR (Pulse)
BOYCHAOS (Underworld)
RAYDEUS (Pronoia/Raydeus.com)
SPARKINZI (Sparkdoo.dz)


THE AMBIENT MAFIA will be hosting the downtempo room/hookah lounge.

THE CAPTAIN (Chill Syndicate)
CUBIK Y ORIGAMI (Dinner Party)

Visuals provided by Heroic Robot and SICK sound by Know Audio and Def Audio.

Tuffy is no music slouch so be prepared to dance your pants off. Everyone and your mother is coming, so YNOT you?
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The Flaming Lotus Girls and The Ambient Mafia present:

On Saturday March 7th, the Serpent will light up the Bay in an art opening gala
reception from 7.00PM-midnight.

There has never been a sculpture like the Serpent Mother. . The warmth of her
embrace and her coiling design create an atmospheric space in which over a thousand
people can stand. Her 168’ long stainless steel spine coils around the massive
space, while her 20’ long neck and head tower over her audience. The audience takes
control, however, by directing her movement, raising her hydraulically- actuated
neck and opening her fanged mouth. Full audience participation makes each
installation a singular experience – come make it happen.

This magnificent installation of a 168' skeletal stainless steel snake will be on
display Saturday March 7th, on Treasure Island. We will open the Serpent for a
gallery opening from 7 pm until midnight. We hope you will join us for this fun and
free event.

Music provided by The Ambient Mafia:
olde nasty vs. peek nasty
the captain vs. harken

About the FLG:
The Flaming Lotus Girls are a female-driven group of metal artists who design and
construct kinetic, mechanical fire art. Our mission is to create monumental works of
interactive art through a collaborative process. Our vision is to empower women to
learn new skills and become experienced, talented and active artists in their own

Our work – a combination of sculptural arts, kinetics, robotics, electronics, and
fire engineering - is designed collaboratively; made collaboratively.

We create interactive large-scale fire installations that engages viewers and invite
them to become part of the art.

Saturday, 3/7/09
7pm - Midnight

200 California Ave.
Treasure Island, SF
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As a country, we finally managed to stand up and do something right, a first step towards being the country that we claim to be.

As a state, we just proved that even liberal California is still safe harbor for bigotry and discrimination...

Research and polling showed that many voters were against gay marriage, but afraid that saying so would make them seem "discriminatory" or "not cool"

That's because you are being discriminatory. And that's not cool.
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Friday October 24th, 2008

Friends & Family and The Ambient Mafia Present:

Equality ~ A Fundraiser for No on Prop 8

Please join us for a very special evening of music, dance, and performance dedicated to raising awareness and funds to defend marriage equality and defeat Prop 8!

Main Room Musical Equalizers:

* Forest Green (Friends & Family, ForestGreen.org, Cute Fang Recordings, myspace.com/forestgreen, Cute Things with Fangs, Daly City Records)
* Dragn'fly (Strategik, djdragnfly.com, myspace.com/dragnfly)
* Scott Carrelli (Satellite, Looq Records)
* Mozaic (Nexus, Raindance)
* Raydeus (Pronoia, raydeus.com)
* Alixr (Friends & Family, Pulse, myspace.com/djalixr)
* Dhamma (Goodbeats, Pulse)

Chill Space by Ambient Mafia: (www.ambientmafia.com)

* Sixty4k
* Hickory
* Harken
* Skye
* Olde Nasty
* Boomerang Fidget
* Big Sloppy
* Squelchy

Belly Dancing by Marcine (Bellydance Mafia)
Hooping by Queen Califia (www.hooppain.com)
And a Very Special Encore PoiPlay Performance by Jm and the PoiPlay Troupe! (www.poiplay.com)

Guest Speakers Include:

* José Cisneros, San Francisco City & County Treasurer
* Shayna Gelender & Elizabeth Gill of ACLU Northern California

Venue: Craneway Pavilion (www.craneway.com)
1414 Harbor Way South, Richmond
Shuttle Service from El Cerrito Del Norte BART
Event Info Line: (510) 495-1439

Sound by Bay Area Sound Service & Loud Sound Design
Lighting by Radiant Atmospheres
Visuals by Viberation
Medical Services Provided by Mutual Aid Response Services (www.medicalresponse.org)

9pm till 6am, All Ages, 21+ to drink, $20 minimum donation at the door, $5 secure parking.

Please check our website for entertainment updates and info on BART shuttle schedule: www.eccentric.org

All proceeds after expenses go directly to No on Prop 8. For more info on the campaign please visit: www.noonprop8.com
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Equality ~ A Fundraiser for No on Prop 8

Friends & Family Presents:

Equality ~ A Fundraiser for No on Prop 8
October 24, 2008

Please join us for a very special evening of music, dance, and performance dedicated to raising awareness and funds to defend marriage equality and defeat Prop 8.

Your Musical Equalizers:

Forest Green (Friends & Family, www.ForestGreen.org, Cute Fang Recordings, myspace.com/forestgreen, Cute Things With Fangs, Daly City Records)
Dragn'fly (Strategik)
Mozaic (Nexus, Raindance)
Raydeus (Pronoia)
Alixr (Friends & Family, Pulse)
Dhamma (Goodbeats, Pulse)

Chill Space by Ambient Mafia (I will be playing at this)
Sound by Loud Sound Design
Lighting by Radiant Atmospheres

All Ages, 21+ to drink, $20 minimum donation at the door, $5 parking.

More entertainment being added daily! Please check our website often for updates and venue location: www.eccentric.org

All proceeds after expenses go directly to No on Prop 8. For more info on the campaign please visit: www.noonprop8.com


Armed with serato and some choice speaches, expect me to chill your asses out with a political twist.

If you can't make it out, please, Please give a dollar or two towards No on Prop 8.
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"But, if you do not do this, and maliciously make delay in it, I certify to you that, with the help of God, we shall powerfully enter into your country, and shall make war against you in all ways and manners that we can, and shall subject you to the yoke and obedience of the Church and of their Highnesses; we shall take you and your wives and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and as such shall sell and dispose of them as their Highnesses may command; and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can, as to vassals who do not obey, and refuse to receive their lord, and resist and contradict him; and we protest that the deaths and losses which shall accrue from this are your fault, and not that of their Highnesses, or ours, nor of these cavaliers who come with us. And that we have said this to you and made this Requisition, we request the notary here present to give us his testimony in writing, and we ask the rest who are present that they should be witnesses of this Requisition."

500 years and all that's changed is we replaced 'Jesus' with 'Democracy' as the lie we tell about what we're bring to the peoples we're about to rob.
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Well, september has come again, which means it's mah birthday month, and other gift giving holidays are not too far off.

Here goes with the requisite wish list:

- iphone.
- world peace.
- donations in my name to Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, EFF, tree sitters,
- Re:Sampling Dictionary
- The Rap Records
- new subscription to Wax Poetics (I have the current ish)
- Music Library
- Wax Poetics Anthology 2
- The lost Bully records 45: Selections from keystroke one
- Buddy Peace Bully Megamix
- Buddy Peace's latest mix
- Finder's Keepers records, Well Hung or Welsh Rare Beat 1 & 2 are highest on my list, but anything from this page.
- Firewire & USB drive such as this, must be bus powered, small sized & large capacity, extra points for travel toughened....
- British Cover Art
- Mingering Mike
- Gaslamp Killer 7" box set
- UBB 7x7" box set
- stussy x ttl: beats (XL please)
- Serato DJ bag
- USB turntable
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